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Stay Accountable to Your Goals.

Do you struggle with getting things done?  

Do you find yourself putting items on your to do list that you think of throughout the day – but no particular order – and you keep transferring the list day to day week to week but NEVER seems to get any smaller.

Are you experiencing No real sense of satisfaction or accomplishment at the end of your day? 

Do you have Scattered and disorganized ideas floating around in your business and life; needing order and structure to get done?

You can learn how to get things done and reach your goals.

You can learn new ways to follow through on your ideas and maintain your energy through to the end of the project.  Being held accountable does not have to be stressful or avoided if you have the right tools that work for you.  Accountability can be fun and exciting – especially when you start seeing progress and success!  The first sign you will notice is the increase in the number of items checked off on your to do list.


OK, so  you might be asking…WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?


If you are like most people (92%) , you make a new goal or resolution and don’t reach it.  You probably approach your goals and dreams with energy and gusto, then soon after you either forget about the goals completely, or you find yourself not motivated to do anything different to achieve the goal.  You might find yourself saying “I don’t feel like it.”   Armed with the knowledge that you haven’t been successful in the past, only discourages you soon after you declare your goals.


YOU CAN STOP STRUGGLING         Here’s how…


Being accountable to your goals becomes less effort and easier when you come from the place of knowledge and acceptance.  Let’s be honest.  You are going to have low motivation and low energy around your goals and you are going to experience bursts of energy and success.  It is a cycle.

How to get more consistent is through creating a plan around these lows and highs.  It also includes using your strong desire for success to help someone else who is struggling.  Studies have shown that helping someone else always improves your own circumstances.


Plus, when you come at it from this perspective, you will WIN every time.  Winning means feeling stress free when creating goals, experiencing more peace, productivity, and satisfaction.  It means having more confidence, accomplishing more tasks and making more money!

You don’t just want to get more things done you actually want to get more of the RIGHT things completed and checked off your to do list.  Imagine how this experience increases your confidence and motivation.   What you need are consistent reminders and an organized structure.  You need a place to freely express your struggles and fears.  You deserve to examine those things that that lead you to self-sabotage and hiding.  When you demonstrate commitment through successful task completion, you experience peace and confidence.

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