» Why Advertise on Change is Personal?

Why Advertise on Change is Personal?

3  Great Reasons to market your business on Change is Personal Radio®

Sponsor/Advertise Opportunities on
Change is Personal Radio.

1. The $2.8 Million Annual Buying Power of Professional Women (40- 65 yrs old)


  • 58% of dollars spent online
  • 80% of Health cost decisions
  • 45% of consumer electronics purchases
  • 44% of NFL Fans

2. Increase Your Reach and Frequency of Exposure

Reach up to 4 million listeners through our program Change is Personal, on the Amazing Women of Power, through syndication with iTunes, Podcasts and other internet outlets.

  • Listeners have immediate access to each radio show by computer, iPhones, iPads, and smart phones all over the WORLD giving our network, this show and your product or service global reach!
  • Our Internet radio network reaches to every corner of the world offering YOU the potential of influencing the Professional Woman market with your products and services.
  • The frequency of exposure is consistent as your advertisements and sponsorships are embedded in the show for life.

3. Profit From Radio’s Unique Marketing Opportunities:

Can reach the “on-the-go” audience who listen through iPad, iPod, Smart Phones or other devices

  • Can break through the lines of media bombardment in a cost-effective manner as listeners are a captured audience for a period of time
  • Unique, specialized format allows you to laser target your best prospects of the Professional woman
  • Reaches prospects closest to the point of purchase when their mind if focused on what you have to offer
  • Provides for unique on-air promotions as we work together to provide the audience with your information
  • Is the most powerful “Top-of-the-Mind” (TOM) marketing meaning stays on people’s mental radar
  • Can influence new markets and prospects as Change Is Personal does its marketing to expand the listening base
  • Complements other advertising platforms that you already have
  • Listener-ship remains strong while other media time is declining


 We have a proven platform to support broadcasting, marketing and interactive solutions to a continually growing audience.

We work with new, emerging and veteran media personalities to establish and create a complete media presence to a rapidly expanding Internet audience. They, in turn, bring more listeners to the network-we have over 4 million listeners monthly and growing! And those are listeners ripe for your marketing message.

Change Is Personal Radio®

  •  Can have as many as 15,000 weekly listeners and is growing
  • Has 85% follow through rate (percentage of listeners who stay through the end of the program)
  • Received “High” ratings for Positive Programming Content

Listeners are:

  • Professional working women
  • Many are Mothers
  • Over 40 years of age


Listening Audience by Location                                        


 Did you know?

 Digital consumers are:

  •  More likely to be white collar
  • 57% live in a household of $75K or more
  • More educated: 36% have a college degree or more
  • More entrepreneurial
  • More involved with corporate purchasing decisions
  • Slightly above-average with regard to political participation
  • Active and athletic and more likely to be fans across sports leagues
  • Heavy streamers and downloaders of Internet media: 69% download audio; 33% listen to streaming audio
  • Heavy online spenders: 54%


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